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The Rake of Life

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Transfer help please
  alphablend, May 08 2008

I need to xfer

$85 from Wpex (world poker exchange)
$40 from FTP

-> all to stars

I would prefer the money to goto stars, but if this cant be done I could also take

$85 from Wpex
$375 from stars

-> FTP and cash out $500 from there.

Any help appreciated thanks.

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Hit and run me at BW :(
  alphablend, Apr 28 2008

What the fuck is with all the fucking ass hat bitch tape cunts who hit and run at starcraft. You play them one game, and they ask for a re, you say sure. Then they beat you in game 2, and they wont re you for game 3? Or you play like 5 games (win all 5) and they beat you the 6th and they wont give you a re? Fuck you cock sucking ass ramming piece of goatshit hit and run BW players. If you are reading this and you are one of them GO FUCKING DIE CUNT.

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FTP FT Omaha HI / Lo freerolling baby!
  alphablend, Mar 26 2008

I have never played Omaha Hi / Low, but I managed to FT a 955 man free roll first is a cool $46. I didn't even know the rules of how the low hands worked completely lolol.

COME RAIL ME FridayNites on FTP now gogogo!

I don't even know what the techinical term for it is PLO HI LO?

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